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It seems like the newest craze sweeping the world is Auto-Tuning. Not like the traditional T-Pain version, this auto tune refers to the automobile. More and more popular songs have been re- filmed and been modified with choreography.
One of the most recent songs to Bruno Mars’ “Treasure”

This can be considered the original Auto-Tune of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” by the Harvard Baseball Team

This has spurred many competitive “Harvard vs.” videos with another popular one by the SMU Girls Swim Team which has been taken down

This one is a personal favorite of mine, being a big fan of UCSB with UCSC right on my college top 5 plus, being a California girl, nothing can hold me down when Katy Perry’s “California Girls” featuring Snoop Dogg comes on.

Keep your eyes open for the next Auto-Tuning trend