America is a superpower in the world we live in today. So much of the global economy and politics depend on us; as we also rely on the world. Now, we do not only rely on, but depend on other countries, for fossil fuel resources that near every country is willing to fight for and has fought wars for. If humans don’t die at the hands of these costly and fatal wars, than they die of their own destruction. Human beings of every nation suffocate themselves under a blanket of smog, which surrounds us. We now breathe this toxic air on a daily basis, adapting to it along with our children, the future generation. In the wake of this global distress cry from our earth, many countries have answered the call to find alternative means of supporting the lives we are now accustomed to. What can we do, as a super power? As America? We can fight back, through our leaders and everyday men and women, and make an Eco-friendly household the new norm in American life.

In simple terms, global warming is caused by the emission of carbon into the atmosphere, which traps heat from the suns rays; the greenhouse effect. Scientist believe since there is no reverse to the greenhouse effect, as displayed by our neighboring planet, Venus, we can slow down or stop trapping gases in the atmosphere by reducing pollution in the air, which is mainly caused by burning fossil fuels. The first step, to any big project like this, is education. Our government needs to do more to educate people, young and old, about reducing the amount of pollution and the effects of global warming. There are so many people who have heard false information or simply don’t know anything at all. In a new TIME/ ABC News/ Stanford University poll, 85% of respondents agree that global warming probably is happening (Time Magazine). Our presidential candidates discuss their ideas for global warming in their campaigns, but they don’t explain what it is. Since global warming is a part of all of our lives, we must educate every person with factual knowledge of exactly what global warming is and it’s long term, or short term consequences. This is no different and a campaign against youth smoking, drugs or bullying in schools; the key is to make clear what people might not otherwise know. Children smoked because they thought it was cool. They stopped once they learned about how it can ruin your life, or end it. Once their eyes are open the path becomes easier to follow.

The second step: Addressing the problem. Now people know what it is, but why does it matter? sometimes pure facts aren’t enough for everyone, you have to make it personal. Americas overconsumption of fossil fuels effects everyone. Right now countries are fighting to keep their oil overseas. Big companies are buying and selling it, making fortunes. Countries are building their economies around it, like Saudi Arabia and Iraq. These same countries are fighting wars to protect it, while others fight for more of it. When you think global warming doesn’t immediately effect you, think of a friend or family member in Iraq. We are addicted to this oil, we can’t imagine life without it, we feel like we need it. As people die on battlefields, the earth dies a little with every gallon that is drilled, processed, sold, transported, and burned into the air. Then, theres the economic aspect of oil and fossil fuels. We pay thousands of dollars every year to other countries. As the days go by our gas prices right here in the states rise. Keep in mind that oil is exhaustible. We can run out; one day, we will run out. When we still rely on something when it is rare to find, people become ravenous for it, and with that desperation comes people who will take advantage of it, with more high process. The problems we face and the problems which cause global warming are one in the same. To fix one will drastically improve the other.

Which leads to the third step: Finding the solutions. One of the main problems we face with fossil fuels is the cost. We ship much of our crude oil from overseas in South West Asia. The cost for acquiring the oil alone has skyrocketed in recent years, and then you must add the cost of transporting and processing. Subsidies to energy R&D cost taxpayers millions of dollars while producing minimal benefits. While these programs may be relatively small given the size of domestic energy markets, they serve little, if any, useful purpose while subsidizing large corporations at taxpayer expense(Global Warming). In the United States, we do have our own means of drilling for oil in our own territory; however, we do try to. Use our resources sparingly and we could not provide for the entire country purely on our own when it comes to fossil fuels. Transitioning to a clean energy economy will bring new jobs and reduce air pollution. We can’t afford to wait (NRDC). Right now scientists are in a race to find an alternate source of energy. One which is in abundance here but does not run our quickly, or at all. We are turning to solar power to charge electricity in our homes. As we know, the sun’s energy will still be around for years to come and always in abundance. We have already found ways around places that don’t receive as much sunlight, such as rainy Seattle. In some places you can see giant windmills, powering cities with every rotation. Now, some cars don’t even need gasoline; they can run on pure electricity, which lasts longer and doesn’t pollute the air. Soon there can be solar powered cars, and batteries will be a thing of the past with everyday items.

The final step is to make the solutions more accessible. At the moment, all of this eco-friendly technology is very new. In our current economy people might be mislead into thinking the only way to save the planet is to buy a costly new car or completely remodel your home. In reality there are little things that any average Joe can do. Many people and governments are already working hard to cut greenhouse gases, and everyone can help (National Geographic). The popular childrens stations Nickelodeon and Disney Channel have been getting children interested in their enviornment and how to protect it. Disney now has Friends for Change, which consisted of celebrities who work for the channel encouraging kids to make an active effort in their own communities to help the environment. Kids were also encouraged by contests Disney held for schools who make a remarkable and creative difference in helping everyone be green. Meanwhile, Nickelodeon made an internet campaign which showed kids just how easy it is to save energy everyday, with little things like turning off the lights and electronics when not using them, unplugging cords which aren’t being used, and keeping an eye on your thermostat by making it warmer in summer and cooler in winter rather than going extreme in either direction. Adults can get involved too. Many celebrities are making moves and encouraging others to recycle. Think how many people would put a compost bin in their backyard if they knew Amanda Seyfried and Lea Michel had one in People magazine. Making Eco-friendly things popular in today’s society will make it catch on faster. Even Leonardo DiCaprio made his own film about global warming, “The 11th Hour”. The aim is that people don’t find it hard and it can fit easily into their daily routines, helping the planet every day. Earth Day is a start, making helping the planet a holiday and an international event.

Our planet is beautiful and simple It has not religious or political stance. It’s has no opinions, criticisms or complaints. Most of all, our planet is generous. There is a book children read titled “The Giving Tree”, in which a tree gives a boy it’s fruit, its leaves, it’s branches, everything until there is nothing left. Our earth is reflecting that tree now. We have taken its forests and destroyed them for industry and manufacturing. We have taken it’s earth and torn and ravaged through it for common minerals which we raise prices on. We have taken its water and spill oil and trash in it, not aware of the other lives which depend on it. We have taken its air, and tampered with it. Now, we have to help it the way it has helped us. We can replant the forests, cut back on the mining, clean the water, and save our air, before there is nothing left. Now we have no excuses, we have solutions. The rest is up to us, and how much we want to repay the earth for everything it has given us: for being our giving tree.

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