We had a discussion yesterday about technology, weather it helps us or hurts us. We looked to the Disney movie Wall-E, how those futuristic humans were fat and stayed indoors, relying on technology, revolving around technology. Its really not so black and white, we are more lazy and we dont go outside; however, we still break world records, we still have models and size zeros. Then we discused how kids think differently now, they can pick up on technology very quickly, like iPhones and such, but they have a severe lack of creativity and imagination, with this comes a lack of leadership.
The latter is my main foucus. I find that there are a lot of children who have no drive, no ambition for life or to acheive, they will just do the bare minimum, finding the easy way out. They don’t lead and they don’t work. My aunt teaches at a middle school and can find it in the graduating class of 2017-18. We came to the conclusion that it was some kind of Post-9/11 form of parenting.