A rising issue in America, hidden, and lurks in the shadows, unseen, and not discussed; We see our athletes in the MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL everyday, for some sports fans, its almost as if these athletes live in their own homes. Our children want to be like them and aspire to their greatness and fame; however now these athletes have taken a more infamous route. More and more athletes nowadays have been caught using Steroids, or Performance Enhancing Drugs. These are illegal in every sport in the United States and even potential hall-of-famers are taught this back in High School. This is a horrible reputation for athletes to gain, making them lose a fan-base, sponsors and even their jobs. What can we do to avoid this? It’s quite simple; Athletes should be tested more frequently, and test every athlete for Steroid or Drug use so that the games that we play and compete in are legitimate.

Most people would argue against this idea of Drug Testing more frequently. “Why do they all have to? Most of them don’t use steroids!” I find this statement to be true, most professional athletes do not use drugs; however there are those who do use them and have to take responsibility for their actions. Those who do not use drugs or steroids will come out negative in a test, so what do they have to fear? Also, some players might be offended if they are asked to take a test when no one else must. If we make this a requirement for all athletes, than they will not feel blamed or accused, it would simply be procedure. The point is, in fact, that there are honest players out there who play purely on talent, the extra precautions, extreme as they may seem, are to ensure that they are not robbed of titles or wins or simply their status in the league. It is quite shameful to find that someone who could have earned a title didn’t simply because another person cheated. In my eyes, sports are very romantic and have a very Renaissance feeling about it. It’s about pushing mankind to achieve some kind of greatness, to push the boundaries of what we thought physically possible. Why disgrace this noble idea with drugs, inhuman additions, which doesn’t prove anything except the fact that you can take a kind of medicine.

The best possible outcome for this would be to eliminate usage altogether. Most athletes don’t realize that these “Performance Enhancers” do not only make the game unfair; they’re harmful. They harm the athlete and those close to them. Athletes use steroids to increase their aggressiveness and energy; however this doesn’t turn off once you leave the field. Steroids can make a person, immediately, burst into fits of rage, harming spouses and partners. They can become more isolated, slowly sinking away from everyone else, pushing away the ones they love. These drugs throw off the balance of testosterone and ultimately damage the player, inside and out, mentally and physically.

Some athletes feel as though this is a violation of their privacy. Honestly, its not that hard to take a drug test, and if its regulation than it’s nothing against you personally, simply standard. Most athletes have been taking these tests since high school or earlier, so why do they get so nervous about this. Over the years there have been various scandals of high school football teams in situations where coaches encouraged their players to use steroids. Some professional players may have been told this and feel that it is either okay to use these or they feel like they need them. These are the rules, for safety and fairness, we only want to assure that the game is being played fairly. A message to all athletes, imagine Timmy Markhoitz, screaming his hear off in the crowd. Hes not cheering for pills and needles, he’s cheering for you. He wants to be like you. Ask yourself, do you want him to be like you?