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Many people may not know about Al Jazeera. If you do know it, good for you, way to be well informed or at least being like me and watching 60 minutes with Anderson Cooper before googling it. For those of you who don’t know, you should.

No, it is not a terrorist organization. People really have to stop assuming such things just because they hear something that sounds of Southwest Asain decent. Al Jazeera is the most incredible thing you’ve never heard of. It is a news network from Qatar that keeps their viewers informed. During the revolutions in Egypt and Libya, people would be watching this! They stream their own reporters and BBC and they hide nothing! I for one, got hooked on BBC while in the Baltic because it was the only news station in English. I was a very shocked American when I found that they had information on the Aurora shooting at the same time CNN did.

I don’t remember if I’ve ranted about U.S. media coverage before, but I just hate that I know more about the world in a minute of scrolling through my BBC app on the bus than I do after watching the news for an hour. Instead of hearing about the young journal writer who was shot by the Taliban, our news station decided to show a video of a mother dancing as she sent her kids to the school bus. I guess I shouldn’t blame them considering only real narcissists around here have even heard about that girl in the first place. As the year went on I stared to relax thinking, Well, they probably don’t do it purposefully, they aren’t forcing us to be in the dark or anything, people might just freak out and want to remain ignorant and they just want to keep viewers… Well that seemed fine until I heard the name Al Jazeera pop up.

Apparently, Al Jazeera has bought an American channel, in which they will show their news show. I was thinking Well this will be nice! Some uncensored news, a global different viewpoint, no right and left stuff. This will be good... Obviously a certain cable package did not share my views. I can’t remember but I’m fairly sure it was Time Warner Cable who dropped the channel altogether. No matter what package, you can’t get this with TWC. That was indeed a huge disappointment for me, and definitely a statement for most of United States Media… Sadly.

Here is a clip from the Al Jazeera online site discussing the topic of their buying a U.S. station.


And this is a wonderful segment on an incredible, free health care, tax-free nation of Qatar. Completely unbelievable and very, noble if that’s the right word, a really cool idea, I have to wonder how they figured out the Rubix Cube on this. That was a joke if it didn’t translate into written text well.