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Well, I haven’t posted in a while but this intrigued me very much. I always knew there was a reason why I could watch CNN but not Mr. Morgan… The first few minutes basically sums that up.

What I love in situations like this is that Piers is like a cat in a corner. He just starts swinging and scratching when he is feeling threatened; however he doesn’t really seem to think it through. Frankly, bravo to his guest. This isn’t his show but he certainly stood his ground and backed up what he was saying without making himself look totally ignorant, sorry I can’t say the same for the host. For Morgan this is almost embarrassing. Just goes to show, there are some people who you can trip up and others who know what they are saying and can keep a head calm enough to explain to you that you are babbling and in all honesty making no kind of sense.

I understand that Piers Morgan has many fans whom I might be offending, this is only one persons opinion based on one clip I saw. But, think about the fact that, as a reporter, you never know who is watching or when they see it. This is a horrible way to be presented and I feel very bad that this is my first impression of him, but it should be a little reminder to treat every night and day like a first impression.

No, I don’t watch Piers Morgan, but in my opinion, if you want to watch something very thorough that keeps you up to date on everything business, global, and political, check out Fareed Zakaria. An awesome show, definitely worth watching even if its only once. I watch him with my grandmother when it’s on and it really gets us thinking.