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I flipped to catch 60 minutes tonight and what do I find? For 23 years, a man was born and raised in a concentration camp. The infamous Camp 14 is located a few miles from Pyongyang and is used to hold political prisoners. It doesn’t only hold politicians, but their family members as well. Children go to school and are taught the ways of the camp. This man who escaped said “If you escape, you are shot. If you plan to escape, you are shot.” Sound familiar? This story immediately made me think of Eli Wiesel’s recollection of Auschwitz in WWII. I thought that the world had moved on from those dark times but apparently I was wrong. In this camp, the boy who escaped had been tortured so brutally that his arms are no longer straight. He witnessed a young girl get beaten for hoarding corn. Even his own parents may not have really loved each other. Their marriage was arranged for good behavior. They didn’t even see each other unless it was a reward. The man couldn’t even identify the word love when asked by Anderson Cooper on CBS’ 60 Minutes. I still don’t know how he escaped but I do know that he is the first person to be born there and escape. He is a third generation of that camp. When I describe this to people, the thoughts that come up are slavery, Nazis, all sorts of horrible things. For me I think the worst thing is not being able to comprehend love. That’s just so alien to me. I hope the best for him, many people who have met him say that he is very kind.



Sorry I can’t get the 60 Minutes link at this time but please look for it, the interview is amazing