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The Victorias Secret ‘Black Friday’ sale has seen some black eyes: This year during Victorias Secret’s annual Black Friday sale, fights broke out across the country, with many malls having to call police to the spot, girls and men alike were seen throwing punches for yoga pants. Local and National news has been flooded with homemade videos of people fighting each other for these sale prices at various stores. Two women started fighting over a video game at Walmart, while two men took their fighting outside of the Victoria’s Secret where they were shopping. Crowds grew and ripped open bags with products in them at another Walmart and it doesn’t get any kinder from there. Last year many people died at Black Friday sales, especially in Walmart, being trampled by other people. The United States are known worldwide for our ‘Black Friday’ when Americans go hostile for great bargains; however, on the scene, this particular sale can be more scary than satisfying as people wait for days, run and, yes, even fight for items that are usually gone by the time you get there. Nowadays, mega-stores, like Walmart, Best Buy, and Kohl’s train their employees to be prepared for these rough crowds. ‘Black Friday’ may become more safe in years to come by losing popularity: in the U.S. this year,the total sales from the infamous Friday have actually gone down, while more people waited for what is now called ‘Cyber Monday’, a day where stores or online shopping sites like Amazon have limited inventory but incredible online sales, adding to the discount most stores already give their customers online. In the end it’s still ironic that we go through all this trouble mere minutes after being thankful for what we already have.