After the death of a Sea World trainer, attention has been called to killer whales in performance arenas. These massive animals were not made for captivity or human life: they aren’t like humans nor do they have human like behavior. When her braid flipped around, he might have though it was a fish treat like they give him 20 times a day. When he pulled her under, he didn’t know she couldn’t breath like he could, as he last breath was painfully released. Yes, Tilikum has had more than one accident, but its simply that; an accident. Whales do not have human laws to restrain themselves by, nor do they know ours. Whales do not posses the basic knowledge of human anatomy that would have alerted him not to bring her in the water. Tilikum is probably just playful, like a puppy teething: he doesn’t realize the bite hurts you, just that he has to bite something. Then there’s the matter of the schedule. Picture a newborn baby, just home from the hospital. When you first get home, will you lay her in her crib at nine o’clock at the dot and have her fall asleep? Of course not. These whales are like newborns. They have no sense of time or a schedule, they sleep when they are tired and eat when they are hungry. Keep in mind that enclosed in our glass walls, the whales are under our whim, and they don’t know what that is. They aren’t like us, so why do we expect them to be?