Americans are too centered around television. People center their lives around a television set rather than having it be a small fragment. When you walk into a retirement home, you can see people move in and out of rooms, varying with who wants to watch what. There are some younger couples, social entrepreneurs, who will stay up later to catch a late night show to discuss it with coworkers the next day. Of course sticking to schedules is not as much of an issue as it was thanks to DVRs and recording things to watch them when you want. But then there is still the element of being sat down long enough to finish watching the program. There is no reason to keep a man in a wheelchair away from the television if he feels like he can’t to much else: the young and able are a different story. Younger children seem to be the ones most absorbed in the television though. Now a days parents have to force their kids to go and play outside; however in the 50s they had to drag them in. Kids have all these new games now; Nintendo, XBOX, Playstation and other things that they hook up to the television, which are much more futuristic and fun. They don’t move from that one spot on the floor and continue to burn their eyes out and eat unhealthy snacks in front of that monitor. So what do we gain; weight and entertainment, but at what cost?