In the United States we have had something for a while known as daylight savings. No one really knows how it got started. A lot of people want us to just get rid of it. Why? Let me count the reasons. First off, daylight savings was first proposed in 1918 during World War I. The plan was developed so that we could have a way to save energy in war-time, but it never caught on and was dropped.(Source A) They tried again in 1973 but it was turned down again for fear of dark mornings when children have to go to school. From 1987 to 1981 there was a significant rise in fatal car crashes after daylight savings(Source D) probably due to the fact that it was dark at a time of day people weren’t used to it being dark. It’s not like these problems went away. It’s still dark in the morning and there is still a high risk of crashing and the scare for school children being in the dark.

Even without counting those hazards into the equation, do we really need it? This was proposed back in 1918 (Source A). Sure it was to save energy but we aren’t even sure if it even does that (Source E)! We were forced into using DST in the 1980’s (Source A) by the government, so it never really got people’s approval. So far the only thing DST has done is successfully disrupt Americans’ sleeping patterns (Source E). It seems t me like this ‘solution’ has more “cons” than “pros.”