In Canada there is a special holiday. It happens every year after the U.S. thanksgiving, which is also known as black friday. It is a day where people are encouraged to not buy anything. No orange juice,  teddy bears or video games. I think it’s a wonderful idea. We as Americans become too involved with material possessions, always obsessed with things that will only make us happy for a short period of time. We have a show on The Learning Channel called “Hoarders” which I feel emphasizes the fact that a lot of americans get attached to things that don’t matter. We also have a program called “Clean House”. In one of the episodes, the worst hoarders in America was overrun by the stuff she never got rid of after her daughter left for college. Many people are compulsive shoppers, a shopaholic, who simply do it for fun, sport, or because they simply cannot stop, which puts them in financial crisis.  Most teenagers nowadays find nothing better to do than find time to wander around a mall. Then, there is the competition. In the past three years, at least one person has been killed at a Wal-Mart during Black Friday, the cheapest sales of the year. The can be fought for an item or simply trampled by other customers. I understand a little healthy competition, but must the odds ‘be ever in our favor’ just to get a skirt for my cousin? We need to learn that we can function, even enjoy ourselves, without a dollar sign on something. We are still human beings. Maybe this could lead to whole new campaigns. Spending more time with family, playing outdoors in parks and exercising, we could do things that are much more beneficial. Maybe we can just sit back, take a breath, and enjoy the calmness around us and eliminate the stress of getting to a store on time. Who knows? We might just like it.