Television. Nowadays almost every american has at least one in their home. It provides entertainment and education. Many families will watch a movie or television show as bonding, their time taken up by other activities. Television can also be educational. Many parents leave their young children to watch educational programs on channels like PBS Kids. When I was little I used to love a math show called “Cyber Space”, and I learned geometry by the time I was in third grade! And, of course, there’s current events. Where would we be without CNN or other news stations? How could we be instantly informed of local events, good shops, sports, THE WEATHER? I know I could sit in front of my TV for hours on some days.

That being said, a lot of teenagers, adults and children would do the same. There is a growing problem with childhood obesity, probably because they sit on the couch more than they get outside. Some grown men have been known to sit around their house simply playing video games. In the bad economy, many people get depressed, feeling like the only thing they can do is sit and watch television. This isn’t even including all of the negative influences television has on the mind. So many teens immitate the behavior they see on TV, a prime example being the “Jersey Shore”, a show in which a group of young people go around partying, drinking and taking part in sexual activities. Is this what we want our kids doing? Not to mention that there is a sufficient lack of grammar and vocabulary that we used to get from reading books. But what’s the point in reading when we have that there “movin’ picture box”, right? Our culture and creativity is lost everyday to this black hole of distraction.

So what do you think? Benefit to modern society or crumble of intelligent civilization?