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So the big ticket on everyone’s mind, the show we’re all dying to see the end of. The United States Presidential election. With tons of outrageous supporters, screaming at each other, fighting the battle themselves. “I WANT ROMNEY!” “I WANT OBAMA!” So my question is, why?

A lot of things that I have heard are not related to what they stand for, or more what they’re trying to do. Many people simply say they don’t want a ‘dang Democrat’ in office. In fact that is one I’ve heard a lot. It’s not just from Republicans, no, plenty of Democrats diss Republicans for no real reason other than the fact that they are Republican. Of course by definition I could not tell you what either stands for. I believe that the Democratic Party stands for the white collar business men of wall street or CEOs (I’m sure my definition has been a bit influenced by my surroundings, this is just what I grew up with) while the Republican Party stands for the blue collar hard workers. The ranch hands versus the city boys. Then there are liberals, which have been associated with support for gay marriage and less government (which if I recall correctly was a republican idea), and conservative, which wants tighter border control, less taxes, and no gay marriage.

But don’t Republicans want less government control…yet they want the government to control their borders? And of course Romney said that thing about the 47% who “mooch” off the government (the veterans, homeless, and children) and feel entitled to things like healthcare, food, etc. I find that funny simply because that seems like something a republican would support…of course we shouldn’t be so hard on Romney, the poor man doesn’t even know three flavors of Ramen Noodles, unlike most college students.

Democrats aren’t too great but everyone is kind of trashing Obama for not doing anything– How could he with the Republicans who wouldn’t let him do anything?

I won’t even say anything about women’s rights or abortion because no one seems to care what women actually want. I can’t follow it for the life of me.

Gun control…yeah no one will touch that one will they? Was Colorado not a reminder! People can buy any weapon off the streets, when I was in high school my friend went to a convention and a woman was fully prepared to sell her a swoard…my cousin currently owns one. I would love to go to Six Flags and not go through a metal detector because I shouldn’t worry that anyone besides a police officer would have a gun. In some places you can buy a gun without registering it. You can buy as many as you want. You don’t need a background check. A lot of people carry them on themselves. This is ALL totally safe right. Please at least make it so that its harder to get a gun! And you wonder why there are so many terrorist threats? Its because they make it so easy to become a danger to those around you. I remember reading the Pearl by John Steinbeck…in it a man found a pearl which he thought he could use to save his sick son, the pearl ends up getting them attacked and eventually SPOILER ALERT kills his son. I can see someone in Chicago (for example) buying a gun to protect his family or a young boy using it fir protection to and from school…but one day you get caught with it or it goes off…the pearl causes more harm than good. That power to take someone’s life is not ment for anyone.

So who do I want for President? That’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves based on what I’ve previously referred to. A stranger question to ask for some people…Who would be better for this country? For this question I like to look at foreign policy, which lets face it, Mitt Romney has not showed promise. He sorta went and talked political deals with other countries when he wasn’t even president. I like that Obama has pretty much kept us OFF the map for countries like Iran or Afghanistan.

Speaking of targets, think hypotheticaly if Mitt Romney was elected…THE LAME DUCK. Two months where Obama can’t do anything cause he’s leaving, and Mitt can’t do anything cause he’s not in office. During this time we are at the mercy of other countries… Economy wise and target wise. Do we want that now?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, this is just mine. You can listen, you can think I’m crazy, this is just what I think. I may be wrong but I only seek knowledge and the truth. Thanks for helping me out.