What was I thinking? What was I thinking! This is the one time, the only time I’ve ever said “YOLO”, thinking it would be a good thing! Okay, so maybe I was getting bored at home, which obviously means I was asking for this nut house!

Technically, even if it is full of insane people, this isn’t a nut house. I came here to visit my american friend, whose countless tales of this new place just thrilled me. It would br a nice place to get away to, until I realized ‘I wasn’t in Kansas’. First off, we drive for ten minutes and there’s nothing, rolling hills are accompanied by a big  open sky, blue and endless, an ocean in the air. I close my eyes for two minutes, just as we entered a new place, filled to the brim with all the things you assume about a big city. Towering skyscrapers block any sun, speeding cars, which make you wonder if there are any traffic laws. And this was just the town!

The main event, which happens every year, is at a stadium, resembling the Bird Cage in all of its glory! I thought the Aztecs were into feathers, after seeing these giant feathered flowers, ringing with tiny hidden bells, while blinking and flashing with bright lights! Some are so big that the girls under them disappear, which leaves only their floating heads and flowers. The young men have smaller, similar flowers on their arms, aswell as some of the women. It’s almost as though these are a mark of ownership, in case it isn’t clear by the way the girls scream or laugh loudly to get their attentionEven if the boys hear them, they are with the other men, whose behavior is questionable to say the least. Then they come out, the warriors in red and black, with their battle armor ready to go. They all seem to do a sort of spiritual chant, before charging the field, while the other team does the same. They attack each other, viciously knocking them to the ground. Is this what these people find entertaining? I think thirty minutes has passed, which makes all of the gladiators stop at the sound of a loud buzz, the second I’ve heard tonight. As they leave the arena, whispering starts, turning into chatter, which is a relief on my ears still sore from all of the screaming and horns. Suddenly, the floor belongs to new soldiers, whose precision and unison is not short of militia standards, and the militia summons the cheers again. The show is almost robotic, perfect precision with every step, and the music, pounding deep into your chest, with a rush of adrenalin to boot. The screams fade again, as these soldiers leave, their smiles implying a victory which I could not see. Now the air is thick, piling up to the front row, reaching for cameras or phones, the crowd has moved, joining me in the front row, which is now a desired spot, to view something I don’t know. Now only a small handful of people stand, in the center of everyone’s attention. Tall, dazzling, the girls smile and wave, dressed up with curled hair and shimmering ball gowns. The men stand straight, with dapper tuxedos for all to admire. The tension is so thick you could grasp it, gnawing at everyone, causing parents to fuss and friends to laugh or shake with nervousness. Then at last, that which caused everyone to panic brings roars again, and the winner is announced. She cries, as she receives her bouquet, sash, and glittering Tiara. The boy called does not cry, but rather gives a strong, firm handshake to his teacher, and tend to his crying queen.

While these people are strange, the night was thrilling,which now I know, the memories from this night, forming with all of the bright sounds and colors, will not leave me, rather, they will be cherished and passed on, as all great traditions are.