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It does deeply sadden me to see the middle east in the state it is in now. The have been fighting this war for thousands of years and continue to slowly tear each other apart.
Lately, I have seen on the news that there has been a series of bombings and retaliations throughout Syria. I don’t think I know the full story but I am researching it now.

To my knowledge, there is a number of refugees in Syria trying to get out and the United Nations is having trouble accommodating them all. These people are leaving their homes and all they know, all of their possessions, to live in a tent. Is anyone thinking of these citizens at this point. Where will these people go. I can only imagine sitting there, wondering if my home, if the building I worked in, if my child’s school has fallen at the hands of a bomb.

One of my professors believes something big will happen in the middle east in the next few weeks or months. He claims the U.S. presidential election will affect Iran’s decisions on what to do to Israel. What a small world we have. Now, he explained his theory through conditional or hypothetical statements. If Obama goes back into office, maybe nothing will happen, much will stay the same or whatever plans they have in motion will continue. If mitt Romney goes into office, watch out. He wants to change all our foreign policy in the middle east for one thing, but before that can even happen we go through the “lame duck.” Then they can do whatever they want basically. So not only are we lame duck, were sitting ducks.

I’m not gonna sit here and scream “peace in the middle east” like an ignorant hippie. I know that it’s highly unlikely. Still, can’t they tone it down. Too many people are being killed and in standards of recovery the hole is just being dug deeper. I for one would love to visit one of these countries. They have a rich history and wonderful cultures full of light and art and music. I’m sure I’m not the only one. But it’s not safe, especially for Americans. Their tourism is a small concern, but as a diplomat I couldn’t imagine doing business with them let alone helping them in terms of Oil or Natural Gas! They are barely staying afloat.

One thing above all else that angers me is that I have no idea what is going on. I have to subscribe to BBC World News to even hear about Syria. I used to think CNN was our BBC but more and more the news is not keeping us informed. I hear stories from the days that newspapers could take down countries or if a room of people would scream at you for trying to switch from the news station. Now, newspapers are gone, the news only gives stories that won’t alarm the public. I feel like a child being kept in the dark. I hear about the Qatar news station, Al Jazeera, and think “Gosh they’re lucky.” They have access to news that lets them know what is happening in the world. That news station started rebellions against injustice. What do we have? A viral video about a mom dancing at a bus stop. We have almost become laughable.

I don’t expect anyone to agree with my opinions, they are just mine. I hope soon things could at least quiet down.