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So…what is there to say about this video? First off, thanks Mitt Romney, for making the biggest mistake of your campaign…or one of the biggest. Trust me you will lose a lot more than the 47% you just enraged. I am neither republican nor democrat. I am middle class. People around me are mainly republican but they all know that Romney clearly doesn’t understand middle class as much as he would like to say otherwise. He is rich, was born rich, and can never understand what we do every day. I don’t really care if he had a lemonade stand or a job as a kid, it’s a different America, one that he is not impressing. From what I’ve seen in the campaign, it’s laughable. Everyone seems to be speaking hypothetical instead of using actual facts. The entire thing gives me a headache and ask “really” a bit too often. If anything this incident just makes me think “Kids, always watch what you say, cause you don’t know who’s listening.” Mitt Romney… Watch what you say cause the entire country is always watching and listening…not to mention foreign dignitaries, voters, and people who really don’t wanna have an ignorant fool of a president who doesn’t like them. This is just my opinion but Im sure a lot of people would agree this is just too hilariousy stupid. I seriously don’t mean to offend anyone but just this outburst among other things makes me really not wanna vote for Romney.


Just wow, way to look almost worse than Rick Perry,a very hard thing to achieve.