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We all know that the United States gives all citizens inalienable rights. One of those is free speech, the freedom to state your own opinion. When does that right reach it’s limit?
It’s been shown on local, national, and international news that many protests have stirred in the world of Islam because of a U.S. film that insults Muslim people. So far there have been protests in Malaysia, Indonesia, Libya, Egypt, and Afghanistan(at least those are to my knowledge). Many United States citizens are outraged at the attack on our embassies and ambassadors, especially on the day of 9/11. I must say I think that shows a complete lack of empathy for Islamic peoples. This can be perfectly compared to the propaganda Nazi used to discredit the Jewish people of Europe. It’s offensive and most likely inaccurate. I myself have never seen this trailer but I should only assume someone would only be offended by false information.
When this story first surfaced, I immediately thought of the military funeral protesters. They were obviously ignorant people and they caused great disturbance to the people who were trying to morn their children, brothers, sisters and fathers who were lost in combat. What I found laughable is that they were protesting because they didn’t approve of the army admitting homosexual soldiers. Many of the funerals they protested were those of heterosexual victims. Besides that, what does protesting at a funeral do besides annoy and offend, it won’t make any change. These protests at embassies, while they are getting our attention, won’t do anything. The branch of our government in those countries can’t do anything about the movie.
My main question out of the entire ordeal is why they don’t just take down the film. This is what is causing all the drama and killing innocent people. It’s obviously offensive and doesn’t seem to have any other purpose but to be offensive. The producer is a pastor noted for burning the Koran! Obviously he did mean some harm by this racial slur of a film. I hope he realizes he’s not just offending but also putting innocent lives in danger. For our government to take it down would be a violation of rights, but maybe that rule should be changed. If it is purposefully offensive to someone than it shouldn’t be put out there to harm them. Of course there’s been discussion of this, I can’t see why it hasn’t or shouldn’t happen. I’d love to ask the producer of this movie to look in his heart, stop the violence, and take the film down. Keep in mind this is no different than Nazi propaganda. It’s hurtful and simply morally wrong.