I am from waves

From sand and shells

I am from the old converse on the floor

(Tattered, dirty

They’re not always worn)

I am the bookshelf

The Library

Whose long gone books I remember

As if they were my own

I am from freeze and

From ******* and ****

I’m from the always-rights

And the quiet-but-strong

From Shut Up! and Say Something!

I’m from Peace be with you

And with your spirit

I repeat every Sunday morning

I’m from James and Margaret’s Branch

lima beans and Outlet Malls.

From the land my  Great-Grandfather sold

To the Governor

The Lemon cake we asked for more of

On my shelf is one last book

A peculiar shape

Oblong with lost family

To sit there all day

I am of those people-

A ripe strawberry-

Picked from the family feild