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Everywhere we see them. They swarm, regrouping at malls, fast-food joints, and coffee shops. The youth of today seems to be ever immersed in this new technology. Always fiddling with Smart Phones which aren’t even advertised for making calls. Never without their computers, which they can easily fold away (due to their ever decreasing size) and take with them across towns, cities, and continents. Ever submerged in the fight to be social without actually talking to people…
Maybe the old ways are the best ways, but is the Tech. Generation without hope of a positive outcome?
For the first time, families can see and hear each other across time zones! Entire encyclopedias can be put in your pocket and accessed at any time, and they weigh less than a pound. They can access the world with the touch of a finger. At the same time, this exposes them to the world. They have access to other opinions and ways of life. With the steady increase of technology and globalization, the world is a smaller place. The world is a faster place.
Suddenly, new revolutions start, and leaders are overthrown. Thanks go out to the world-famous social media site, FACEBOOK. Old traditions seem to vanish as children enter romantic relationships, at the age of twelve. While they have these relationships, they make friends across oceans. Of course they don’t go out and see these people. They do it all by means of their phones and mobile computers. It’s not just the kids that take their mobile devices and make immobile use of them. More and more jobs have been insourcing in a way. Many people work out of their homes, by their own means, again in front of a little glowing screen. Many young people entering their Twenties have “Never seen a boarding pass”(BELOIT Mindset List 2016). I don’t see the problem as getting out too much or getting out to little.

I find that the problem is less and less ambition. There is no hunger to explore our great world. Why go to the bank when you can scan a check through your phone? Why go to a football game when you can just look up the score later online? In a way this can be considered simple laziness, but in a way it’s simply logic. I may not have time to go to the bank and the check and my phone are right here with me. Football tickets are expensive and last hours. I remember a time when if a young man (let’s say Johnny) wanted a game to play, he would have to earn money through a job, then ,after enquiring enough cash for a suitable purchase, he would run to the toy store down the street. Teenagers today feel that they could simply make better use of their time by downloading a free app. Are they wrong? No, it’s much simpler.

So why would Johnny go to all this trouble?He wanted the game. He wanted to end his terrifying moment of boredom. He told himself that no matter what it took, he would find something to entertain him. It’s that drive that said “It may be hard, but I’m willing to work for it.”

Sadly, that is what the generation has lost. They want things that are simple, fast and take little to no effort. Maybe this is why “Everyone’s trying to be pop stars.”(Unknown). Why read a book when a movie gives you the same thing in an hour or two (for anyone who has ever compared a movie to its book, you know this statement is not true most of the time). It is efficient, and great for busy people. It makes the world a much smaller, simpler place. They lose the character, the emotion, the pure substance from doing something for themselves.

Maybe we should earn the world, before it’s in the palm of our hand. Otherwise, not only is the world much less interesting, but there’s much less to discover and explore.